News Websites (1) – During Japan Quake

Same as many of you, I am so concerned about Japanese Earthquake these days and following different sites to get latest news. I have some of them also on my iPod Touch, so that I could get updated as soon as possible. The news sites I am following online are:


1. CNN


Overall it’s a great site, almost all the videos and posts are updated in the fastest way. In concerns of the nuclear plant news, I always look at the headline first. Interestingly, I always try to click the largest title (non-click-able) as soon as I got into the site, and I have to move to the part below it and see what I want. Not a big deal, but annoying when it makes me do the same thing every time.

CNN is full of videos and posts about Japan quake, nuclear plants and many more. Full of facts. If you are looking for news about Japan, don’t miss it.

2. NHK – World

NHK – World

I like this site, it’s almost the fastest about official news from Japan. I like the live video in the upper right part. The video is from Japanese TV station and simultaneous translation into English. I usually take a look at the headlines on the left and rarely click into full stories though. Get news from Japan at the earliest time!

3. Wall Street Journal – Chinese

Wall Street Journal – Chinese

Japan quake becomes the biggest topic in WSJ China, and almost takes the full homepage. One feature I love for this site was that it had one-sentence Breaking News yesterday. It was colored Red and Black (really like a Breaking News color). Sometimes we don’t need long & verbose description, one sentence + timely update is enough.

Also, it has a continually updated one-sentence news for Japan quake, please check it out here.

4. BBC


I think BBC is the only site that still has different focuses on homepage, almost all other sites I am following or have been flushed by Japan quake. It is good for people who are still interested in other news:)

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