Google + Apple = Gooapple?


Hey what nonsense you are talking about? Google + Apple?

Well, this video below may bring some interesting thoughts to us, Um, to bind Google and Apple together. Personally I thought a phone with iPhone4’s interfaces but based on Android was a legend — I never linked these two together before I watched this video. Okay it is another creativity from China — Gooapple (interesting name!) 3G mobile product.

So funny! I glared at the video player on my computer during the whole 11 minutes. To me, however, what was much more interesting was not this phone itself, but why and how this idea came out. I guess there are three reasons in China that contributed to its birth:

  • The consumer body. iPhone/iPad/iPod and any other products with Apple brand are very hot in China these days. Some people buy Apple not because its outstanding designs, user experience or convenience for surfing the Internet, but because it’s popular, or… maybe their friends have one. No one wants to be left out or considered out-dated.
  • The price. An iPhone is expensive in China, and so is the plan associated with it. If only there is some mobile phone that is strong enough and similar to iPhone and cheap… great.
  • The cost. The open-source Android system is no doubt an excellent factor that reduces cost on the software part; its frequent update also beats the Windows CE system, which was the most widely used in Chinese smart phones.

But it is interesting enough that, how the developers simulated the iPhone 4 interface based on Android system. They are almost there. Here comes the video (or you could also watch it on YouKu or YouTube):

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