Nir Eyal: Behavior Design

Behavior By Design talk at Innovation Endeavors

Nir talks about behavior design in this excellent video. He gives a nice intro to this concept and several great examples about how companies (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Zynga) change user habits, and what every designer should know about creating products that users love. I strongly recommend this video if you are a product owner, product manager, UI designer or UX designer like me.

What I like most about this video and a few notes from it:

  • User habits can be designed; but the rule is that a designer’ interest needs to align with users’ interest.
  • Create a product like a painkiller (people really need it), not vitamin (people think it’s just a nice-to-have)


Check out this video, and if you are interested in one more great article from Nir, visit here –

When Designing for Good Is Bad:

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