Happy Chinese Moon Festival!!

Happy Chinese Moon Festival!

Happy Chinese Moon Festival!

It’s time for family re-union, visiting friends and eating moon cakes!

Every year, Chinese people celebrate the moon at it’s most beautiful and round moment. When I was in China, my parents would get my sister and I, well, an almost-overwhelming amount of moon cakes and we sat down at table to enjoy TV shows. We ate so many that I didn’t want to see them again :P But after I came to the United States, Moon Festival becomes nothing different from other days, just another excuse for my friends and I to hang out and relax.

Or sometimes it’s a me-time, for example, this year. But it’s worth a celebration and send great wishes to my friends. So I am happy and busy calling or getting calls for Moon Festival wishes today. That’s definitely a great way to spend time alone on a special day. Oh and now I want to have some moon cakes :)

Off to buy moon cakes!!


7 Comments Happy Chinese Moon Festival!!

  1. yingying

    Happy Moon Festival!! The moon is so pretty these days, enjoy :)

    Moon cake is a traditional kind of Chinese snack that we eat around Moon Festival. I bought some from a Chinese supermarket and they are gooooood! They are very cute little cakes with stuffing – e.g. yolks, ground beans, fruit, and someone invented meat moon cakes, too, haha. Unfortunately I don’t know how to make them – but some of my friends do.


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