Where to Find Creativity?

Where do you find and boost creativity and imagination? They do not seem to be all around us just like air.

I believe we are born fresh and creative, as we grow up and try to fit ourselves into different frameworks, some start hiding creativity in the back of our minds.

To re-learn creativity takes time and work.

First, avoid telling yourself something like “I’m not creative”, “I simply can’t draw”. In fact, you can be creative and you can draw. If you want others to think that you are a creative person, you have to believe it yourself.

Second, pick one thing in your daily lives and start creating. For example, recently my coworker Ben has a harvest in his garden and he has been bringing squashes and zucchini to share with us. One day, I thought, what can I play with a ball squash? I pulled out two round stickers, drew one dot on each and stuck them to the ball squash, then it became my “ball squash pet”.

creative vegitables


Later, I made a weird looking cucumber into a “cucumber octopus”.

creative vegitables


I also created a “Halloween” ball squash.

creative vegitables


Today, I made a “ball squash elephant” and a “zucchini mushroom”.

creative vegitables

creative vegitables

Creativity feels like flowing out of my brains and I’ve only done it to some vegetables so far! After a while, you will become more confident and explore creativity in other areas of your lives.

So believe yourself and start today.



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