Mindsets for Solving Problems with Creativity

Mindset for Solving Problems with Creativity

When it comes to trying to solve problems with creativity, it’s very important to keep the right mindset — how you think will have direct impacts on whether you will arrive at innovative and impactful solutions. Below are some of them:

1. Willing to learn from failures. See failures as opportunities to learn and improve your solution, rather than blockers.

2. Dive in to make things. Get started with “something”, test it, ask for feedback and iterate. Avoid the mindset of waiting for a perfect start, because it will just make you procrastinate.

3. Improve your creative confidence. Find out what it is the thing that prevents you from being courageous enough to be more creative. Remove it.

4. Be empathetic. Understand people and their needs. Be explorative, stay curious about different things, different people and different places. Experience them. Try new things out.

5. Willing to embrace ambiguity. If things are starting out not right, no worries, start there and try something else, keep moving.

6. Be optimistic. Always think what you can do to move things forward, always try to look for opportunities and possibilities to move things forward.

7. Iterate, iterate, iterate. Do not try to perfect your solutions in one go, keep improving it.

Credits: IDEO Design Kit

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