Thoughts on Staying in Lines

After our more-than-10-hour flight, we successfully landed in Beijing, China. Unfortunately, the flight trip ended up with a not-so-pleasant observation.

After we picked up our luggage, we needed to go through a declaration process at the Customs. Basically, there will be officers asking if you have brought in way too many personal items, as well as commercial items, so that they can be properly taxed.

One thing we noticed was that we were moving very slow. Part of reason why this has happened was that people were not staying in Lines, rather, crowds. No officer came out to organize the lines. Even though most people stayed calm and moved forward while holding their own places, there were a few that tried to squeeze in.

I feel annoyed when I encountered this. Of course, there are quite a few solutions to this, everyone can think of something to solve this

But! Was it solved? No. There were no actions. Maybe it doesn’t have to be an officer who organize. It can be you, me and everyone who wants to change things for the better.

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