Spring “Folder” Cleaning

I spent a couple of hours sorting through some old folders and giving them a spring cleaning. During the past few years, I used them to store paper documents and rarely threw things out. Overtime, one of them is getting really fat… to the degree that one of the inner pockets were damaged.

I went through all the documents to see which ones I’d like to throw. Some of them brought some lovely memories back to me: my first full-time job paycheck slip, recommendation letters from previous apartment landlords, my old mug shots (I looked so much younger!), and my graduate school admission letter from that opened the door for me to come to the U.S.

While I’d like to keep all of them, in case I’d like to go over these memories again when I’m old, I think it’s necessary for my folders to lose some weight, as I’m sure more documents will come in the future. I kept some of them as they were, scanned the rest that I liked to digital format and uploaded to my cloud storage — a nice permanent place for them.

As for the documents that I no longer needed, I tore them down or cut them into pieces. Next time, I probably need a shredding device to improve my productivity. Anyway, for any documents that contained important information, I recommend making them as least readable as possible, because you never know who’ll find your info and use it for evil purposes. Just to be safe.

I’m glad that my fattest folder had a big weight loss session today.

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