Learning iOS Dev – A Yelp Search App

My 2nd intense week of iOS development passed!

Learning iOS Dev - A Yelp Search App

We built a Yelp search app using Yelp’s API — which I call Yelpy — including using filters and map views. The main leaning point is to get try familiar with delegate in different view controllers in iOS programming.

First, I’m very proud of what I’ve done and my dedication. Not sure how many others would spend 30.5 hours on a side project like this, but I did it. Of course one of the reasons it took this long is that I got so stuck on making filters right. After some 10 hours, I figured out a way to make it work. Then the rest of the app came together pretty fast. I used Codepath’s guide and lots of StackOverflow Q&As.

There were a few issues that I was not able to solve:
– Infinite scrolling load data does’t load more different data, rather, it loads whatever data under current search criteria — basically the same as what I had on screen already. I think it was because of the data request I used. Wondering if there was a different API to retrieve more data.
– I was not able to store filters once you get back to the restaurant list. In an ideal world, you should go back to Filters page and see what you selected last time.

Anyway, I think I’m getting a better idea about the overall framework. Still needs to better understand how delegates, data passing in iOS, but I feel like making great progress.

Onto the next week!


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