Daily UI Design #24: Boarding Pass

Challenge #24 is a boarding pass. View source files as well as my other work for Daily UI Design on Github.

Final look:

Imagine: Jamie Smith and Winnie Lam are about to travel for business from Los Angeles, California to Maui, Hawaii. They booked their flights with Swift Flights, which is famous for its swift services. They arrived at the airport, printed out their Swift boarding passes from the kiosk. There’s about 30 minutes after they got through the checkpoint, so they went to a cafe and worked a bit.

Jamie took the picture as they put their boarding passes on the table.

daily ui design 024 boarding pass


I decided to go with the most common concept — a flight boarding pass. Maybe next time I can try some other fun boarding passes.

I brainstormed several pieces of info: airline names, what info to be put on the boarding pass, device types.

Eventually, I decided to go with a card style paper boarding pass — which can be used as a bookmark, how fun!

daily design 24 brainstorming - 1


I explored layouts. As I drew out ideas, I also wondered if I can make the boarding pass a bit more fun, like having a theme (e.g. Congrats, Newlyweds!), I even made some cute icons for it. I ended up doing a general boarding pass, but I hope to do a themed version some other time.

daily ui design 24 brainstorming - 2

daily ui design 24 brainstorming - 3


Move elements around a bit and landed on the last image.

daily ui design 24 visual explorations

Added background:

daily ui design 024 boarding pass


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