Daily UI Design #26: Subscribe

Challenge #26 is Subscribe. View source files as well as my other work for Daily UI Design on Github.

Final look:

Imagine: Jamie works busy city life. She hardly has time to cook dinner these days. Going out every night costs a lot, she discovered that, sadly, as she jots down numbers for recent months’ spendings on food. $15, $20, $17… it doesn’t seem much per meal, but it’s a lot when all adds up.

She starts researching cheaper and convenient meal solutions. Instant ramen noodles? $2 per bag, but no, too unhealthy. Meal ingredient delivery services? No, too much work. Cooked dinner delivery service? Hmm. How much is it? $9.99. Recipes look good and healthy. A 30% off deal for first week’s subscription. Not bad.

Jamie wants to give it a shot. She inputs her credit card, reviews dinner choices and ready to subscribe to the service.

daily ui design 026 subscribe


In what situations, do people subscribe to something?

  • Food service
  • Delivery service (food)
  • Email newsletter
  • Newspaper / magazine
  • Wechat public accounts
  • Membership (gym etc)
  • Services

What type of subscribers?

  • New subscriber: someone who’s about to subscribe
  • Existing subscriber: someone who’s about to change subscription or continue as is

It comes to my mind that making a “Subscribe to Email Newsletter” would be the easiest option. It’s just a simple form that lets people put in email address. It doesn’t sound very interesting to me though, so I decided to explore some other options I listed above.

As a busy designer working in the city, I have little time to cook. Fortunately, my company covers meals. Otherwise, I would have to find out a quick & easy way to cook & eat. That’s why the scenario described in my final work came to mind.

Some quick sketch on how this can happen on mobile screens:

daily ui design 26 sketch

And explored the last step of subscribing to a meal service:

daily ui design 26 process

Final look:
daily ui design 026 subscribe

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