Very Cool UI. Google Play.

I happened to come across this page somehow. Google Play! Hey why I have never heard it before, it’s right there in Google Products page – called Google Music for now. Hmm. I had to admit that I fell in love with this visual design immediately. I like its clean, simple interface – I tried quite a few pages. Fantastic.

Selling Benefits

If you are selling something, ask yourself:”What am I really selling?” — Are you selling particular products, services, or features? Or you are selling benefits that you can get for clients.


You must read this. This is a small piece of paper someone stuck on my company’s kitchen board. Simple as it is, you will know how much you can get from it.

The Power of Words

I am reading a great book called Seductive Interactive Design, and am so impressed with its description about the influence of words. I cannot help to share a little from this “chapter of words”. It definitely gave me a “WOW” when I read the following regarding effective e-mail headlines.

Nice Design Patterns in WordPress

I am a fan for Wordpress.

As a UI/UX designer, WordPress is one of my great sources for new ideas and patterns. When got stuck, stopping work for a while and browsing these great patterns is a great way to get new ideas. We don’t necessarily always invent new. Knowing how to use existing good design patterns is not easy, either. Actually, if one wants to become an expert in using existing patterns in right place, he/she needs a lot of practice, too.