A Day @ TEDxMarin

a day at TEDxMarin

I truly felt proud when I was finally able to sit down and enjoy the show, I saw my name coming up as part of the volunteers on the screen.

A Handdrawn Card Just for You

A Handdrawn Card Just for You

I’ve volunteered a few times to draw cards for our colleagues’ special events, like baby showers, going-away parties and pre-wedding parties. I really enjoyed this little activity.

Everyday UX — The Good Thinking Behind A Hand Mixer

hamilton beach hand mixer

I bet most companies didn’t do that thinking — you buy my products, I make sure it’s a good experience when you use it, that’s enough, what else to consider?

The fact is, yes, there are many things to consider, and that’s how a good brand can be spread by word of mouth from a user like me.