Membership Building Ideas

Membership building ideas from our monthly District Executive Committee Meetings (DECM) in December 2013, District 57.

How to get more members

  • Invite family members to the meeting.
  • Open house & demo meetings – make meetings professional
  • Have members to invite people to demo meetings, have a good program set up;
  • Publicize – there’s a step-by-step guide in D57 website, pass flyers with club information; Leave Toastmasters magazines in doctor’s officer, dentist’s, supermarkets etc
  • Any member should start warmly welcoming guests, be a leader talking to a wandering guest, to help them make a decision that they’re trying to make – because nobody wanders into Toastmasters:
  • Ask guests these questions at the end of each Toastmaster meeting:
    • “Did you have a good experience?”
    • “Do you have any questions?”
    • “Are you ready to join?”
  • Any member should know how to fill out an application. (VPMembership can give an educational speech on this)
  • Membership Campaign such as Speechcraft: a 4-6 week program to bring Toastmasters to the public

How to retain members

  • Quality meeting: run a professional meetings, making members responsible for their roles; start/close on time
  • Add variety/creativity to meeting: Halloween mask meetings; special events, toastmasters as the judge; Santa Claus theme
  • Exchange speakers/evaluators with other clubs
  • Officers need to know that people join Toastmasters for different reasons; know that people’s capabilities are different; then communicate with people regarding appropriate responsibility, for example, whether a member is capable enough for a contest chair, mentor, or need to start from being an event assistant.
  • Keep in mind that the bigger club you have, the better it operates – few people take repeated roles. That’s why it’s hard for smaller clubs to keep members – their meeting is less professional.

For members who left:
Call them to know what they need, are they going be back to clubs?

Check many members you lose: 
Check how many people on June 1st, vs. how many people pay dues on Oct 1st. Get people back by calling them, ask why.

Member Dues Tip:
If a member joins in Jan, and in April pay again – this counts 2 payments.

How to start conversations about Toastmasters?

  • Start conversation in work places, supermarkets, talk about fun experience
  • “Have you heard about Toastmasters?”
  • Wear your Toastmasters badge, pins – grab people’s attention and let them ask
  • Get flyers and make business cards, resources can be found on Toastmaster International website.
  • Go out and search professional organizations, every person needs to communicate; for people who invest in professional life, why not enhance them with Toastmasters?
  • When people reach out to a club, if our club is not open to them, direct them to other clubs, or help them start a club, I can help; don’t leave them dry.

Help a club:
For 6-member clubs, need to tell them – Invite a speaker from a different club/area and get members to know about other clubs


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