A Glance of Toastmasters

This speech was for my Competent Communication manual project #7: Research Your Topic. I gave a speech on Toastmasters International, talking about its history, evolvement and what’s in there for members.

The Toastmaster I mentioned in the speech was Gary Wong, a dedicated Toastmaster in District 57. All history and stats credit goes to Toastmasters International.

Almost all my previous speeches were storytelling. I felt it very difficult to deal with an informative speech like this, so this was a really great practice for me. I had a hard time to put together its outline: I didn’t want to have too much information, or make it boring like something from a textbook. I was almost panic during my Toastmasters meeting – I was still working on the structure a few minutes before I was introduced, and the last part was mostly impromptu… It ended up satisfactory, and I was relieved.

The journey of improving public speaking is not easy :)


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