Become a Better Speaker by Video Recording Yourself

I gave a speech on how to become a better speaker by recording yourself in video. It’s from Competent Communicator manual #9.

I talked about why video recording works for you, how to set it up and after get yourself recorded, how you can effectively review the video. I also talked about how I applied this technique to my preparation in the speech contest last year, and got myself into the division contest level.

If you’re not interested in public speaking at all, this video is still worth watching. Some food for thought:

  1. This speech is very organized and easy-to-follow. When you communicate, how you can make your message easy to follow and understand?
  2. I did a great job explaining my points with examples. How can you make your talks lively and fun for people to enjoy?
  3. Nothing’s perfect, so is this speech. Every time I’m on stage is an opportunity to try something new, overcome my fear and get my message to more people. Would you grab the next opportunity to step out of your comfort zone?

The objective of this speech is to persuade with power. Did it persuade you? Give it a try!

Ideas are welcome :)


2 Comments Become a Better Speaker by Video Recording Yourself

    1. Yingying

      Hey George!

      Thanks. Someone talked with me about it before, the recording time is a weekday in Palo Alto.. I work in SF while live in North Bay. I’ve been so busy, so it’s hard for me to commute this far during the week, hopefully some day in the future I can do it ;)


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