iPhone Apps Review Project

Recently, I started a personal project to review and evaluate iPhone Apps and gave a short speech about it to my Toastmasters club.

I felt great after I put together the content: apparently for this technical topic, I did a great job “de-technicalize” it for my audience — my fellow Toastmasters, who come from a variety of backgrounds. After I gave a speech and gathered my evaluations, I know this speech has so much more room to improve.

Yes, my speech didn’t have many jargons or technical statements, but because I made it so full of “facts” that it lacked a sense of fun. I talked with fellows after the speech, and here are a few things I thought wonderful to consider writing a better speech in the future:

  • Start with good and bad app examples, so that it can get the audience on board faster.
  • Add some emotions. For example, when I talked about I would review 600+ apps, restate it in a way that users can also feel my ambition and hesitation.
  • Use fewer intimidating numbers. For example, I scared the audience when I did the calculation for 30 by 23 and it will take 200 hours to complete.
  • I gave this speech under the project of Competent Communication manual #10 “Inspire Your Audience”, which is not a good fit for this audience — I was intended to inspired them with my hard work ;), but I don’t think I did well on that.


Please find details about this project in my blog.


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