Yanbin’s Second Speech: Stereotypes

Yanbin gave his second speech at the Toastmasters club on “stereotypes”. It is a tough topic to expand upon, and I think he did a beautiful job.

He talked about how stereotypes can destroy a family: the parents of his friend opposed to getting married with his girlfriend, simply because they were biased towards the region that the girl came from.

Then, he talked about how stereotypes can result in discrimination: one of the provinces in China suffered from bad reputation, because some people did bad things and the media kept reporting people being thieves from that region, over time, it formed such a bad impression for the province that even companies didn’t want to hire people from there.

There are other stereotypes, of course, even some seemingly positive ones. For example, Asians are good at math — people may expect one to accomplish high score in math because they assume it just works that way.

He concluded that we should keep a clear mind, using our rational thinking capabilities to evaluate case by case, rather than following certain stereotypes. Very well done.

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