A Look Back on My Toastmasters Journey

Finally, after two and a half years, I completed my first 10 Toastmasters speeches in the Competent Communication manual.

Looking back, I’ve conquered a great amount of fear towards public speaking, and I’m happily graduating from an entry-level English speaker on to the next.

Looking for a way to conquer your fear? Come with me to revisit my journey in Toastmasters and you’ll find the answer.


Do you like people who greet you with a smile?

I do, and I love greeting others with a smile. But can you imagine a shy little Yingying, who was trying to stay away from doing it?

Here’s my speech about the “change” in my life.

The Adventures Have Just Begun

This was my ice-breaker speech in May 2012, a month after I joined my club Marin Toastmasters. As a shy and non-English speaker, Toastmasters gives me this opportunity to enjoy a fun journey on self-discovery.