Thanksgiving – A Contest Speech

I attended the International Speech Contest and got 2nd place in my area contest. I had a wonderful time practicing my speech in different clubs and got ~70 evaluations.

It’s not about winning the contest, it’s about enjoying myself during the practice. I just enjoyed telling my story, and delivering a great message to people who spent time watching. Compared to my last contest, I felt far more relaxed, open, and flexible in expressing my emotions. My friend Juan said, when you are relaxed, you are yourself. It’s so true.

Happy Chinese New Year of Horse!

I gave a speech on the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac in my Toastmasters club. My evaluator told me that my shoes were too colorful, and they constantly distracted his focus from my speech. Wow, I never noticed this before! From now on, I will certainly pay more attention to details like this that may affect my audience.

Other than the speech, I spent a few hours on my props — the image of the 12 animals! It might be too bright to see in the speech video, so here is a better view :)

12 Chinese Animal Zodiac


Do you like people who greet you with a smile?

I do, and I love greeting others with a smile. But can you imagine a shy little Yingying, who was trying to stay away from doing it?

Here’s my speech about the “change” in my life.

The Adventures Have Just Begun

This was my ice-breaker speech in May 2012, a month after I joined my club Marin Toastmasters. As a shy and non-English speaker, Toastmasters gives me this opportunity to enjoy a fun journey on self-discovery.