I’m Yingying, although some people call me “Why-Why” (Why!?) ;)  I am a UX Designer living in the San Francisco Bay Area, United States, and an alumna of the University of Southern California. Fight on USC Trojans!

I love web, mobile or any object that possesses great user experience. Sometimes I develop my own for fun, too. I blog & tweet ideas and love to make friends with awesome people.

Oh and I love food, books, Karate and exploring the world, any tips or suggestions on cooking, good reads or fun places to visit are greatly appreciated :)

Stay connected: Resumé, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, 简书 . Feel free to drop me an email if you like to say hi. Great ideas are very welcome too!


Currently, I’m committing to my personal project A Doooodle A Day: daily doodle + writing about designs, learnings and life discoveries.