Daily UI Design #26: Subscribe

daily ui design 026 subscribe

Daily UI Design Challenge #26: Subscribe.

Imagine:Jamie works busy city life. She hardly has time to cook dinner these days. Going out every night costs a lot, she discovered that, sadly, as she jots down numbers for recent months’ spendings on food. $15, $20, $17… it doesn’t seem much per meal, but it’s a lot when all adds up.

She starts researching cheaper and convenient meal solutions. Instant ramen noodles? $2 per bag, but no, too unhealthy. Meal ingredient delivery services? No, too much work. Cooked dinner delivery service? Hmm. How much is it? $9.99. Recipes look good and healthy. A 30% off deal for first week’s subscription. Not bad.

Jamie wants to give it a shot. She inputs her credit card, reviews dinner choices and ready to subscribe to the service.

Daily UI Design #24: Boarding Pass

daily ui design 024 boarding pass

Daily UI Design Challenge #24: Boarding Pass.

Imagine: Jamie Smith and Winnie Lam are about to travel for business from Los Angeles, California to Maui, Hawaii. They booked their flights with Swift Flights, which is famous for its swift services. They arrived at the airport, printed out their Swift boarding passes from the kiosk. There’s about 30 minutes after they got through the checkpoint, so they went to a cafe and worked a bit.

Jamie took the picture as they put their boarding passes on the table.

Daily UI Design #17: Email Receipt


Today’s UI design theme is an email receipt, which you typically get after you order something online. I didn’t have much time on it, so I pulled out my phone to search for an email receipt I received before, to see what can be improved.

Daily UI Design #16: Popup/Overlay


Today’s UI design theme is a popup or overlay. These are some user interface elements triggered by a mouse hover or click on certain part of a computer screen, with the purpose of providing additional information, or certain functionality.

Daily UI Design #11: Flash Message (Success/Error)


Today’s UI design theme is a flash message, that kind of messages you see when an action is successfully completed or not.

I tried something new this time. I spent a couple of hours learning about Adobe After Effects, a powerful animation tool. I just learned some really basic techniques, but it was good enough for me to get things off the ground.

Daily UI Design #9: Music Player


I’ve been really busy and didn’t have time for my little daily UI design practices for a few day, so need to catchup. Today’s UI design theme is a “music player”, I decided to make an iPhone page where a song is playing.