Before 2017 Ends, Meet A Tree

before-2017 ends meet a tree

I met this tree friend close to my home. As it’s getting colder, lots of leaves turned dry and brown, and fell to the ground.

I know little about trees, and can rarely tell what kind they are — this one was no exception — it was a big tree, and probably already there for more than fifty years.

One day, crazy strong winds were howling the entire night, even windows were shaken. I was wondering how the tree would not like that winds. Next day, I stepped outside, and I was like walking in the middle of a forest. One step followed another, on the thickness of leaves — layers of them. It was probably sad to lose so many leaves, I thought.

My friend Yalu started her initiative Tiny Ranger Movement, calling people to get close to the nature and protect it, starting from trees. Only since then did I realize that it was a White Oak, thanks to this website.

White Oak grows very slowly. Over a long period of time, it can become huge. In the summer time, when everything turns green, it must feel awesome sitting under a huge green White Oak tree.

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