Two Traveling Websites – Simple Analysis (1)

The first feature I tried in the website (I know it has a Chinese language feature in advance). I changed it into Chinese (Traditional), and a top-bar popped up. I closed it immediately and found all texts changed back to English again.

I tried 4 times, and then found that this was support by Google Translate, that’s why a Top Bar came out. I think I am good at English too, so I just use the English Version.

Top part of the site:

I like the big logo of Travel Design USA, because it is so different from other rectangular logos.

There is assistance Toll Free Call Picture, I clicked it (because it looks click-able) but found it was not click-able.

There are some extra characters for the top right: —–>, seems like some extra HTML code.

When I clicked the “Chinese” text link to test the translation, it seemed the translation could not be done. I am thinking that this happens may be because of the extra HTML code.


The blue background and white texts is a bit hard to tell. As a first-time user, I would like to go around the site first instead of seeing list in the menu. I think the orange color could make the menu item stand out, which is excellent:)


The pictures are great, if the display could be more attractive, that’d be perfect, i.e. sometimes top->down, sometimes left->right (or opposite).

Also my first reaction for the slideshow was to check whether there were little buttons that I could click on to change pictures, or was it clickable to direct me to corresponding introduction pages. However, I didn’t find similar functionalities (common functionalities on other sites), so I felt a little confused why it could not be done. Then I felt like I didn’t where to find information about these sites.



This looks neat! I like its format and may probably try one of the special offers. However, when I my mouse hovered on this part, it had no action like changing to a “hand”, which usually means clickable. When I tried clicking the price of “Oceanview”, suddenly I was re-directed to another page. I was so surprised about it!

I tried other boxes as well as the “VIEW OFFER”, which seems clickable, but actually my click on anywhere of this box re-directed me to a new page, without indicating it clickable. This may not be acceptable for first-time users.

Nothing in the gray-border box seems clickable but it is actually clickable everywhere inside the box.

<left sidebar> & <right sidebar>

Left                                                 Right

The left and right bars look neat. Some small changes may improve it better:)

left (changed by Yingying)                  right (changed by Yingying)
The order of the square boxes for the left/right sidebar seems to be in no particular order; I think trips such as ALASKA could be put on the right with MEXICO and HAWAII.
I think voting and twitter boxes are a little bit too low. As a first-time user, I may be interested in interactive features like voting (I did vote :)), and see what is new for this site at Twitter.

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