Book Notes: REWORK

Rework by 37Signals

I think this is a great book to help a start-up-size company to be more creative, efficient and productive. I like the positive attitude towards product and services throughout the book – keep products simple and be speedy and genuine in business. A big portion of the book are pages of illustrations, some of them are really cute ~ They match the book style really well.

My favorite chapters from REWORK (following the order in the book):

  • Make a dent in the universe
  • Start making something
  • Start a business, not a startup
  • Embrace constraints
  • Ignore the details early on
  • Reasons to quit
  • Quick wins
  • Don’t be a hero
  • Go to sleep
  • Don’t confuse enthusiasm with priority
  • Build an audience
  • Nobody likes plastic flowers
  • Marketing is not a department
  • Own your bad news
  • Skip the rock stars
  • Don’t scar on the first cut
  • Sound like you
  • Four-letter words

I also like product list at the end of the book – I think most people who finished the book would like to take a look at what 37 Signals did. This is also a good and appropriate marketing strategy for their products.

Of course, although this book is great, it’s not perfect. This is a book that works for 37Signals (or maybe similar start-up style companies) but not every company. Some chapters have weak substances and so the theories look somewhat empty; And there’s a little arrogant in tone when they talk about ignoring customer’s advice or the conventional wisdom. I would say, well, this is just a collection of experience and advice from a particular company, and as always, we need to wisely filter what we learn.

In all, I really enjoyed this book and probably will start reading their another famous book Getting Real soon.

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