Everyday UX — McWrap

McWrap - Package

My first experience with McWrap (McDonald’s wrap, FYI) was not so enjoyable.

It was great at the beginning. I like the easy opener of the wrap and took a picture of it. But it becomes this after a while…

McWrap - Problem

The bottom of the wrap package is not closed! The ranch sauce was dripping and dripping. It was too late to rescue my pants.

I suppose this does not just happen to me. Is there anything we can do to fix it?

McWrap - Solution?

So, what about making the bottom closed, or even easier (maybe cheaper too!), just make it a big foil wrap like Chipotle? Let’s save some laundry. More importantly, make the experience enjoyable!

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Everyday UX:

Here I capture things with delightful or painful user experience in everyday life. What things are wonderful to use, and why? And what are a pain in the neck?

Any ideas on how to improve our lives is greatly appreciated! Let me know if you have something to say, too.

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