7 Things I Do as a UX Self-Starter

I did the following, and I still keep doing them:

  1. Read UX books, read a lot to get an idea on how it works. You don’t need to read everything in-depth, but when you need to use some of the knowledge from what you read, you need to remember where you can go back and get it.
  2. Further education MOOC. Coursera, Udemy, UIE, Seminar
  3. Get to know great UX people online. Read with blogs, comment with something worth thinking and interact with them and become friends. LinkedIn Groups
  4. Keep yourselves updated with the latest UX-related knowledge. You can do this in multiple ways, but what I like most is to use Google Alerts. I wrote a blog post about this before — 5 Ways to Find Latest Updates of Your Favorite Topics: http://www.yingyingz.com/2013/02/5-ways-find-latest-updates-favorite-topics/
  5. Do projects. Find projects, e.g. help friends to build websites, or come up some projects by yourself. For example, I did a design concept for a public speaking community, both web and mobile, http://www.yingyingz.com/work/better-speech-web-mobile-app/
  6. Have an online portfolio, for example, mine is at: http://www.yingyingz.com/portfolio/web-design/
  7. Go to UX events. There are tons of events you can go to, you can find them via http://meetup.com, or sign up for some training class, for example, https://generalassemb.ly/ and Eventbrite http://www.eventbrite.com/ not just talk, get their business cards and keep in touch via LinkedIn, become friends

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