VR & A More Magnificent World

oculus rift

Everybody talks about Virtual Reality (VR) today — apparently it’s because Oculus started delivering its first shipment for its consumer users from today.

VR has become a very hot field, hmmm, since not long ago, a couple of years? Humans can’t be more excited about this concept — it allows you to experience a realistic world that’s virtual.

For now, gaming is of course the No. 1 industry that VR is targeting. But, it won’t take too long before VR gets into other industries.

I brwosed news on this, and the media is already starting visioning what VR can bring us, other than gaming. In this article, VR is considered to help people visualize inner decorations of their new homes; in the art world, it can be used to take arts into a whole new level, such as “draw” a 3D sculpture. It may also be used in other areas, like medicine, movies.

I’m very curious on how well it works for people that have to wear glasses, like me. It turns out that you can fit some glasses in the Oculus Rift, but not all glasses fit. You have to have corrected visions to be able to fully enjoy the experience.

I imagine VR will further free our creativity to build an even more magnificent world, than now. It may become a powerful platform that connects people from all over the world, communicating, sharing.

Every coin has two sides. In the future, will VR be another way that will make people more isolated from each other in the real world, and get immersed in his or her own virtual world? Well, nothing’s perfect, it all depends on how this technology is used.

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