Pizza Delivery Robot is Here, What Will Happen Next?

Pizza Delivery Robot is Here, What Will Happen Next?

Apparently, robots and AI have set a foot in the human world. Earlier this year, AlphaGo showed its power in the complex Go game. Now, Domino’s Pizza is testing its pizza delivery robot, called DRU. Looks like it already can deliver hot pizzas and cold drinks to its destinations without human help. Australians are going to be its first users. What fun!

I just watched a documentary called “Inequality for all”, on income gap between middle class and the top 1% in the US. Its touch on globalization and automation makes me think.

With globalization, American companies and factories are likely to shift work (e.g. assembly lines), to developing countries, like China, Vietnam and India. People are complaining that this takes their jobs away. Ok, what about moving those jobs back? Quite a few types of jobs, even if they are moved here in the US, are likely to be automated using robots, rather than using human labors — just check out Amazon’s warehouse and its amazing efficiency by the moving bots. It’s not something that human muscles can ever achieve.

From the job security perspective, this sound alerting. From the technology perspective, these technologies will build up an amazing future that now we can’t even imagine. I don’t know how these two will balance, but I’m always loving to have technologies that move this world forward.

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