Predict Games of Thrones

Predict Games of Thrones

A group of students from the Technical University of Munich has developed a project “A Song of Ice and Data”, trying to predict who are likely to die in the upcoming season 6 of Games of Thrones.

This was actually a project for their JavaScript course. They’ve done a tremendous amount of woek on data analysis on the “Wiki of Ice and Fire” and incorporated machine learning algorithms for making predictions.

They found out several interesting facts from the Games of Thrones wiki, for example, the number of men are twice as many as women, and women are more likely to survive. The most interesting part is, of course, computer predictions on upcoming deaths of key characters.

I admire these students a lot for taking this topic to challenge themselves and their great work. I’m also very interested in finding out how accurate their predictions are, even though I hope the human creativity in writing won’t be defeated by machine learning algorithms :)

Check out their website

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