Everyday UX — The Good Thinking Behind A Hand Mixer

hamilton beach hand mixer

One of my favorite purchases is a Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer. I spotted it on a shelf from Target. After a quick look around and comparison with other mixers, I decided to go with this one.

There are quite a few brands and models for hand mixers, why did I choose this one? The reason was simple: it has a “snap-on” case, where you can store your mixer’s heads and even the charging cable. You snap it on and lift the hand mixer handle and put it anywhere you want. You can even open the case from the back to easily take out or put in the parts. Neat. That’s how it won me.

hamilton beach hand mixer


Surprisingly, I didn’t see any other hand mixer product that provides this, or anything similar. I’m actually surprised about that.

The winning point is not just the “snap-on case”, but the good thinking behind product design. A good hand mixer product has good quality, light and easy to use. A better one considers not only the moment of use, but also the situation that when you don’t need to use it, how you can comfortably put it aside.

A great one takes all those into consideration, plus much more: it takes care of the user throughout her entire user journey:

  • How can it leave a good impression when she first meets it?
  • How can it be quickly unpackaged?
  • How can it be easily understood by her?
  • How can it be a good experience when she uses it?
  • When she’s done, what makes it easy for her to clean things up?
  • When she needs to put it away, what can be done to help her to make that easier?

hamilton beach hand mixer

I bet most companies didn’t do that thinking — you buy my products, I make sure it’s a good experience when you use it, that’s enough, what else to consider?

The fact is, yes, there are many things to consider, and that’s how a good brand can be spread by word of mouth from a user like me.

A storyboard to illustrate what I was impressed about this hand mixer:

hamilton beach hand mixer

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