Connecting Is Simple

Every time I eat at a new place, I ask for their most recommended dishes. I get lost so easily in a menu that everything looks good, or everything looks just like everything else.

Today, I went to have lunch with a friend at this small to-go sandwich place called The Sentinel in San Francisco. While I was waiting for my friend, I started reading its one page menu. It has about half of dozen sandwiches and a couple salads. As usual, I turned to the cashiers and  — who were free at that moment — and asked “hey, I’m first timer here, what do you recommend the most?”

She whispered to my ear “beef, Corn Beef, but I like the spicy pork the best! I don’t know why other people like the corn beef, but my favorite is the spicy pork.”

Oh people love our devil eggs too! I don’t know why but a lot of times people come on one day and they all order the devil eggs salad. hahaha!

What’s devil eggs.

Here, try it.

She dashed back behind the counter, and scooped some chopped devid eggs, put them on a drink cover, and passed to me. I tried them, it tastes great! hmm is it big, can I order half?

Hmm no we can’t. you have to order the whole thing

Ha, then I need to come here again.

My friend got to the store, and when we ordered. I thought why not try the spicy pork! there’s one person that loves it so much.

She starts wrapping a huge sandwich with papers. I screamed, this is a huge sandwich! It will be my lunch and dinner.

She said haha, I can finish the whole thing at one time. hey! we also have nice cookies. You didn’t order, but here’s one! She put it into the bag.

I was so happy chatting with her. Thank you! I’ll come back again.

As we walked away, I was thinking. Human connection is such a wonderful thing that gives you wonderful feelings.

We started a conversion. She loves to share and I love to listen. She loves to give, and I love enjoying.

It’s so simple, so pure, and so wonderful.

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