News Websites (2) – Videos During Japan Quake

I search videos about Japan Nuclear News on YouTube, too. For comparison, I took a look at the most famous Chinese Video Websites Tudou, YouKu, and Ku6 as well.

1. YouTube


I am surprised that YouTube doesn’t do anything about the shocking news in Japan. Well I understand that it’s more like a video sharing website instead of news video site, but some efforts on focus on this topic may bring more traffic to the site. See the picture above, the site looks as nothing happens. A most-viewed video about Japan quake  is placed at the bottom; other related videos are in the sidebar. I think YouTube people should really take it serious about their homepage placement at such time.

For me, I have to search “Japan Nuclear News” since there is no indication for Japan quake videos on the homepage.


2. Chinese Video Sites: Tudou, YouKu, Ku6

The common part about them is a special placement for Japan quake news (although some put some most important news together), as shown below:





I like these sites about their up-to-date topic design, and I agree this is an important strategy for attracting visitors at a HUGE news time like this moment. I think organization of news  in Tudou and Youku are okay; for Ku6, although it makes a whole area for Japan quake, the pictures & colors are very distracting and messy. Once it improves in this aspect, I think it would become attractive.

One problem about these Chinese sites is slow speed. I am in United States now, and it takes me more than 10 seconds to begin each video (sometimes more), and thus I have to switch back to YouTube, although I prefer the format on the Chinese sites.

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