Tips for HTML Headings to Improve Web Accessibility

web accessibility image

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where our web standards were developed. Standards for web are still evolving, and I believe the newer releases there are, the better world of web would be presented to users and the easier coding for developers. Among web standards, the ones for web accessibility are of importance, but very easy to be ignored by developers. Here is an excellent and interesting video about how HTML Headings could affect web page readability for sighted (or blind) users with screen readers, say, JAWS.


You could also view it on YouTube or Tudou.

In this video, the presenter gives us examples on how HTML Headings could affect reading for users with screen readers — you should know, 76 percent of screen reader users usually navigate pages by headings, according to a recent survey.

Not only for HTML Headings, there are many improvements that could be made to improve the accessibility to the websites we produced. It’s time for us to pay more attention to screen reader users now.

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