Avoid Asking These Questions in a Website Usability Test

Read this article about what questions should be avoided during usability test: http://grundyhome.com/blog/archives/2009/03/23/3-questions-to-avoid-in-a-usability-test/index.html

The participants are not design expert.

Ask “how can this be easier to use” instead of “how should this be designed”. The participants’ most opinions about the sites would be from their angles as users. They do not know about the overall design/challenges, and will lack objectivity, although their opinions may look good sometimes. So we should carefully avoid this question during usability test.

The participants are not customers yet.

In real situations, the visitors usually go directly to what they want to do with the site, rather than look around the site and read every options or piece of texts. Give some freedom to the participants to look around the whole site are necessary, but don’t be too far from use case.

Give them a task to guide them use the site instead of letting them come up a scenario by themselves. They may not be quick thinking people, especially during such tests.


I agree what the article says in its beginning: “what you don’t ask during a usability test is just as important as what you do ask”.

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