Happy (Movie)

I have a happy friend Audrey. Audrey owns a little online store called Conversation Pieces, selling affordable and fashionable cuties for about 10 years. Every day or two, she sends out a warm-hearted email newsletter with stories in food, her little doggie Angel, gardening, life and new cuties in store. Audrey adds a little magic of happiness to every corner of her life, and spreads it to us.

I know Audrey well. She works like crazy every day to keep the store running. Sometimes she does packages till 3am; sometimes she does not have time to sleep at all. A few months ago, Audrey was very sick because of cold and lack of sleep, but still a happy girl.

I asked Audrey, what is your secret of being happy?

She said, keep More super busy! Busy is good! And also try to learn something new everyday. It makes life more interesting. And get a good boyfriend :)


I watched a movie called Happy, and which made me think of Audrey and her stories.

Scientists say our genetic predisposition contributes around 50% to how happy we can be; 10% of happiness depends on our current circumstances (money, status etc); and we have lots of freedom to decide to be happy or not.

Are you happy, and what is your secret?


* Here’s my Chinese translation for Happy.


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