NASA: Send Your Name to Mars

NASA ORION Boarding Pass Yingying Zhang

Now you can send your name on a journey to Mars!

NASA is welcoming people to join the Orion’s Flight Test. Fill out the simple form from the NASA website and you will get your boarding pass. With that, your name will fly on Orion’s flight test Dec. 4-6, 2014

I absolutely love this idea. I have been a fan for astronomy on and off since I was a kid — I’m curious about the endless mysteries out there in the universe, however, I’m always scared by the numerous theories around it. I feel it’s several light-years away from my life and the reality, and only the smartest minds can have the luxury to really get to know about it.

That’s why I got really excited when I got to know about this “Journey to Mars” thingy. This is something fun that everybody can enjoy, and may be the first step to help demystify astronomy.

Are you ready for boarding?


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