Fun at the Karate Tournament!

I had lots of karate fun at my school — ZUltimate’s NoCal Tournament 2014! Everyone rocked it, from the organizer to every participant. It was a wonderful experience.

I participated in three categories: Form, Sparring and Weapon. I was very excited about showing my techniques in Form and Sparring, while a little nervous about my weapon form: I was such a newbie to using bo staff, and it had so much to improve. I was afraid that I would mess it up.

I hate to be afraid and worried, and I’ve got to do something. Before my turn, I practiced again and again in the hall, so that I could stabilize my bo staff form.

I reminded myself with a question from my instructor Sensei-Jordan: “Why do we attend the tournament?” He continued, “the most important thing is to show others the best you can do, and HAVE FUN!”

Yes, I came to have fun and do my best. At the competition, I gave all I had at the time. I simply focused on doing what I should be doing; my nervousness was gone during the showtime.

My performance turned out great. For my rank, blue-green (intermediate level), I got first place in form and sparring, and forth in weapon. Other that this, I also enjoyed amazing performances from other participants as well as the instructors.

I love such a group of passionate martial artists.


Thanks to my friends Sofie, Juan and Xunyang who took videos and pictures for me. I decided to capture my performance, so that I can review them for improvements.


Below: I was doing my form Shuji No Kon Sho.

2014 Yingying Karate Tournament Bo Staff

Below: I was doing my form Pinan Four.

2014 Yingying Karate Tournament Pinan 4

Below: I was sparring (wearing red helmet & gloves).

2014 Yingying Karate Tournament Sparring


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