Got A Level-up in My Karate Practice!

my belts

Every belt was put in the bag right after my test, so I bet all of them was full of sweat, even after this long time — every drop of sweat reflected my real hard work in the tests, so I really appreciate all of them.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

For anyone who has learned martial arts, you know that in order to make your moves effective (e.g. strikes, blocks, punches etc), you need to practice your basics to certain standards.

Fun at the Karate Tournament!

2014 Yingying Karate Tournament Bo Staff

I participated in three categories: Form, Sparring and Weapon. I was very excited about showing my techniques in Form and Sparring, while a little nervous about my weapon form: I was such a newbie to using bo staff, and it had so much to improve. I was afraid that I would mess it up.

I reminded myself with a question from my instructor Sensei-Jordan: “Why do we attend the tournament?” He continued, “the most important thing is to show others the best you can do, and HAVE FUN!”