I’m A Brown Belt!

karate brown belt

Last week when my Sensei told me that I as going to take the brown belt test, I was very nervous and a bit terrified for a few reasons. Well, one of them was that I have been so busy and I didn’t really work out enough to prepare for this.

Well, now I’m glad that I took it and now I’m a brown belt in our kempo karate system! It was a very tough 3.5-hr test for me. I was even dehydrated in the middle of it, with my eyes seeing stars and my ears hearing funny noises, and had to sit aside for a few minutes. I got better by eating a chunk of my protein bar and drank quite some water and got back to the test. I was a little shaky here and there during the rest of test but happy that I shouldered through it.

Time for some good sleep!

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