Information Literacy

I just started reading Peter Morville’s book Ambient Findability, very thought provoking.

Peter mentioned an interesting concept that’s worth thinking — “information literacy”.

According to Wikipedia, the US CIA World Factbook published that 97.9% of persons aged 15 and over had completed five or more years of schooling in 1991. It pretty much means the Iiteracy rate in the US is high.

But, what about the capability of dealing with those information — find, filter, analyze, create and manage them?

When we are presented with certain information from different sources, can we let them pass through our brains with critical thinking? Can we tell which one we should trust? Can they help us make better decisions? Do we even ask the right question in the first place?

This implies the importance of investing in education, this way we can better utilize what the current age offers us — the amount of information that’s getting bigger and more overwhelming — rather than get lost in the waves of information.


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