The Two Focus Modes to Boost Productivity and Creativity

My notes from a really interesting book “Hyperfocus”: The “Hyperfocus” mode helps you manage attention and become more productive; The “Scatterfocus” mode helps you intentionally wander and become more creative. Check out my write-up in Chinese 《视觉笔记 • 提升个人生产力和创造力的两种聚焦模式》.

How to Earn Trust as a New UX Designer


As a UX designer, every time you start working for a new company, or a new team, you need to earn trust from your manager and peers, by answering the following questions:

  • What could you bring us as a UX designer?
  • Do you have knowledge or expertise in this field (that the product belongs to), and why are you capable of leading the design directions?
  • What are your work styles?

Check out my write-up in Chinese《初来乍到,设计师如何在产品团队中拉高信任值》.