Book Notes: Creative Confidence — Get Products to the Real World Early

Continue reading “Creative Confidence”, by Tom & David Kelly, from IDEO. In this fast-paced, you will need to get your products to the real world early, rather than handing it over to the users when it’s perfectly built, because that will be too late.

It takes efforts and courage to take your product out to the wild before it’s ready. You don’t have to bring the developed product for test, what you need is a prototype. In the early stage, it can be something rough that just represents the big ideas, later, you can show users something that is more detailed designed. Whatever it may be, let people try it, see how they think and feel about it, get their feedback, learn from it and improve your product from there. And do this over and over again. It’s not a one-shot deal.

Kickstarter is a great example for testing your ideas: you pitch your ideas using stories, videos and others to the world, show them a prototype working in progress, and see how many people are attracted to this idea, and even willing to back it up. If they like it, you’ll know this idea may work; if they don’t, take the idea back and tweak it. In Kickstarter, you launch your ideas and learn.

Get your product ideas out there early, rather than building it behind closed doors.


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