Game Stations

A game station is where you can find lots of game machines, like Wreck It Ralph, and enable playing by inserting coins.

I thought as the internet develops, game stations would have faded away. Well, surprisingly, they’re still pretty popular here in some Chinese cities.

We were planning to play in a game station in Wan Da Plaza in China. It’s a chain plaza complex where there are movie theatres, restaurants, stores, and of course, game stations.

When I was a kid, I remember I used to go to such stations, bought a couple of coins and played the motorcycle competitions and street fighters. For a period of time, I feel in love with games so much that I felt I had to play with it every day. I even thought about making games myself. We all, I did make some simple text games, though. After a while, I got over the auction to games, and now it has become one of my leisure activities.

We ended up not playing at the station, because apparently, playing games there has become very expensive, and to me, it’s not worth that money any more. I enjoyed watching others playing :)

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