Chinese Calligraphy

chinese calligraphy

As my parents get close to retirement, they’re looking for things that they can do in their spare time. One of the things they’ve found is Chinese Calligraphy.

Chinese Calligraphy is a required course when I was in primary school, and I remember that l didn’t enjoy it that much. Firstly, for a kid who wasn’t even good at handling regular writing, Calligraphy to me was yl way too hard. Chinese Calligraphy requires special hand gestures when it comes to holding the brush — you’ll need to hold it vertically using four fingers (no pinkies). Secondly, Chinese Calligraphy had many different styles, although it’s funny to learn about them, the course was focused on starting from mimicking the standard (and probably the simplest) style. As a kid, I thought it was pretty boring.

Well, when I was at home, I spent some time writing with brushes and found it actually a lot of fun! Maybe because now I’m a grown-up, I’d like to spend quiet time working on things like Calligraphy, and rediscover some treasures that I didn’t notice before.

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