Sue, A Respectful Friend with Great Attitude

I respect my friend Sue in many ways. Several years ago, she came to find new opportunities in the US, even though she only knew a few thousand of English words at the time. She’s very courageous.

She has gone through lots of challenges in her work and life, but she conquered them all. Communicating in English has been and is still a struggle, but she shows her attitude and diligence at work and has earned respect from her colleagues.

Her attitude is the main reason why I respect her so much. Sue is in charge of testing the super complex enterprise and data-intensive software in the company. She is never afraid of complex problems that come her way — she’s always determined and ready to tackle them: she calmly analyzes a problem, starts from the simplest test cases, finds all the possible clues that cause the problem, figures things out, hands it back to the right people and explains the reasons behind scenes.

Of course, there were times that she met hurdles, for example, some engineer didn’t want to take the responsibility of fixing problems, but she would hold her ground. Sue said to me, “I have to hold my ground. If someone tells me a problem is tiny and I should just let it pass, I could — but I won’t. I know that even a tiny problem can cause great losses for our clients. If I simply neglect it, it means I don’t care enough. But I do care. I must figure it out, even if it takes up all my lunch time and I must work over time.”

Sue, you’re wonderful!

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