Everyday UX – Nike Training Club (NTC) App

Nike Training Club app

I’ve been enjoying using the Nike Training Club (NTC) app for workouts at home.

I’ve been to gyms, but in general didn’t have a good idea on what to do except treadmill or the bicycles. Therefore, I began looking for apps that can guide me to do light or moderate workouts at home.

I’ve tried a few and so far NTC is my favorite:

  1. It has a good growing selection of workouts for strength, endurance and mobility, as well as different levels of equipment use and intensity;
  2. In each workout video, a voice gives you tips on where to focus your strength and push you through by saying “stay with it!”, it’s like you have a personal coach right there;
  3. A planner helps you put together workouts that fit your level.

Overall, I feel it very scientifically designed and trustworthy, worth a try if you like to work out at home. You can find it in iPhone app store or Google Play.

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