Everyday UX – An Almost Humanless Eatery


I had a really interesting experience eating in an almost humanless eatery at Eatsa in San Francisco – the only human server there was a cleaning guy.


You walk into Eatsa, slide your credit and order a plate on iPad. Then, your name goes to a big screen, together with other eaters and you can see how many people are ahead of you and which cabinet will hold your meal. Under that, there are cabinets. Every cabinet drawer is a display screen. From there, it tells you when your meals are ready. You come close, tap the screen twice, as it instructs, the drawer folds and there’s your meal.


I’d say, the experience was really “futuristic”. The only thing I wish was that they had some meat plates (can’t live without it).

I can’t help but wonder, in our near future, would more and more jobs that can be standardized, like a fast food chain cook, cashier, gradually be replaced? As technology advances, this seems unavoidable.


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