Manage Time with Sticky Notes

One of my fellow Toastmaster Ulrica gave a brilliant talk on time management with sticky notes. When you are overwhelmed with a lot of tasks, you just need three steps: 1. dump; 2. divide; 3. do.
Dump — dump all your tasks out of your mind onto sticky notes, one per note. You can stick them to a wall, or a whiteboard or somewhere you can see them all.
Divide — evaluate each task and divide them into smaller tasks. Each task should be completed within one day.  Organize them into a timeline, like today, tomorrow, this week and later.
Do — do you tasks with focus, one by one. Move your “done” sticky notes to one place where all “done” notes stay.
As you finish each task and transfer it to “done”, you check one thing off your to-do list. This kind of small nudges make us want to finish more.

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