What’s Machine Learning

whats machine learning

Machine learning is a way to teach computers to learn without explicitly programming them. This technique has been used in various industries. For example, you may have noticed that Facebook can automatically tag friends’ faces from your pictures, or your email box can prevent spam emails for you. That’s all marching learning. We probably use it tons a day without even knowing it.

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Can You Add Meanings to Socks? — A Practice on Denotative and Connotative Images


I did some interesting practice on making denotative images and connotative images. A denotative image is a direct representation of an object from real life, whether it be cartoonized or realistic, made by pen or something else. A connotative image added an extra layer of “meaning” to the denotative image.

To start, I needed to choose an object. I chose a sock. My mission was to quickly do 10 denotative images (using different ways) and 3 connotative images on paper. A lot, huh? I thought so, too. After all, how can socks be sketched differently into that many images? But I decided to give it a try.

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